Adventures of Rabbitman is the first book in the series of "Scott, the Adventures of Rabbitman". Scott, oblivious to his new found super powers, causes quite a ruckus with his math teacher, the gym teacher, and the recent scientist that has moved in the local castle on the hill, as he tries to foil the mad scientist's plan to take over the world. Scott will need to use all of his powers if he and his ten year old side-kick, Jimmy, are going to save the world.


Adventures of Rabbitman is a funny and exciting superhero adventure for all ages.

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  • About the Author: Mark Whipple is a film director, screenwriter, novelist, philanthropist (gave his favorite bowling ball to charity), songwriter, stage writer, an all-around nice guy who loves the short story, (reading or writing) and an inter-galactic — inter-dimensional space historian. His loves include his lovely wife Joni of 24-plus years, his wonderful, brilliant and beautiful children and a pick-up basketba